My New Classroom


STACC stands for Structured Teaching and Alternative Communication Classroom. It is a self-contained classroom for students typically on the Autism Spectrum who need additional structure and behavior strategies as well as communication alternatives such as picture schedules and adaptive technology.

My second year in STACC and at the elementary level, my 5th year in Special Ed, and my 8th year to teach. Fortunately, that all adds up to one of the best classroom’s I have had to date. We moved into a larger classroom on the Kindergarten hall. I had all summer to plan it out in my head, but due to complications from a summer surgery, I had little time to implement my ideas. Still, I love this classroom from decor to strategies. I cannot wait to share every bit of it with you right here. Let’s start with a pictorial overview and then as time allows, I will give you more detail into each part on additional posts. Many of the items you will see here are available on My Pinterest Page


This is where I post class schedules, co-curricular schedules, therapy schedules, our team calendar, the lunch menu, and other important information we might need at a quick glance.


Color coded picture Schedules on the wall and line positions posted on the floor.

My students use picture schedules as an added support to help them visualize the order of events in their day. Each student has a color all their own which is also evident in the line of cars on the floor which note where the students stand when we line up to leave the room. I will go into more detail on my schedules in a later post.


Weather and calendar centers

Our Morning Meeting consists of weather, calendar, counting to 100 and reciting the letters and sounds of the alphabet. I have several ways of presenting these lessons to my students, this set of bulletin boards is just one of those ways. For more detailed information see my post at Morning Meeting-Circle Time


Behavior Reward/Incentive Station

Reward or incentive charts are a BIG deal in a STACC classroom. They help to keep kids moving in the right direction and making more appropriate choices. These are racetrack inspired charts to which students earn a checkered flag for each time they complete a defined set of expectations or tasks. Typically they earn up to 5 per day; 25 per week will earn them a choice from the treasure box.


Technology Corner

My technology corner is where students spend time on audio-visual learning opportunities at various points of the day. They may also earn time on more fun academic sites by making good choices over the course of the day. I can’t wait to share some of my favorites in a later post!


My classroom rules are posted and always stated in the positive

Classroom rules stated in the positive help staff to use appropriate phrasing when redirecting students. They are also helpful for students who have higher reading skills and can be directed to read for themselves and remember classroom expectations.

I also have a word wall for high frequency reading words and one for high frequency math and science words. I tried to post those pics, but they are not wanting to stick. They will be included in a later post regarding how they are used in the classroom.

Finally, I cannot wait to show you my desk and teacher areas of the room. That will probably be my very next post since they are important components of the set up of the room. When teaching students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, it is important to have the run set up in a way that accommodates student needs more than teacher needs.

I hope you have enjoyed taking a peek into my classroom and I cannot wait to share it all with you in more detail, including freebie’s on my TpT page and links to other great freebies I use regularly.

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